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    Youth Program
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Pure Game
Pure Game
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Youth Empowerment, Leadership
PureGame is a unique teaching platform that infuses a cooperative and inclusive style of athletics with a character-building curriculum for youth. The S.T.A.R. SOCCER Program ★ Stop ★ Think ★ Act ★ Review The S.T.A.R. program is a decision-making process for responsible and moral thinking. This curriculum is designed to assist children in understanding Success Through Accepting Responsibility. We demonstrate this process on the field of play. We show them how they can STOP, creating time for them to THINK, and assess the consequences of their ACTIONS, and later REVIEW the results of their choices. In doing this they are be able to decide whether their actions will move them closer to, or further away from their goals. After each session we allow the children to form smaller groups to discuss their actions creating a natural review process. The SOCCER Curriculum ★ Safety ★ Optimism ★ Compassion ★ Cooperation ★ Ethics ★ Respect & Responsibility By design, the teaching of this material will be deliberately aimed at these values being played out on the soccer field. At the end of each session the children will be supplied with material that encourages them to take lessons learned to their home, school, and neighborhood. By comparing each lesson in the different environments the children are able to internalize what each value means personally. This will lead to them understand how values play a major role in the choices they make on a daily basis. This curriculum has been developed to: ❏ Motivate—So they can do what they never thought possible, and soar beyond their current horizons. ❏ Teach—In a strategic manner to reach each individual where they are. ❏ Affirm—In the areas they are making the most progress ❏ Correct—With encouragement that creates hope about moving forward.


Youth Program
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