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Who We Have Served

Who We Have Served - Academy Cohorts

ASE customizes our Social Enterprise Academies for cohorts of organizations seeking to be more impactful and sustainable.  Each Academy matches the constituents and interests of Strategic.

University-based  Programing


Since 2011, ASE annually partners with the Economics Dept of University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to serve ten nonprofits seeking to start a social enterprise, with teams of students to accelerate market research and business planning activities. Academy staff have also taught courses at Pepperdine University and GoldenWest College and worked with the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab at the University of Southern California.

Industry-Focused Incubator Cohorts

  • Partnered with First 5-LA to serve three cohorts of agencies serving children under five in the LA area that wanted to generate earned income.

  • Community College Foundations - Worked with six from throughout So Cal on earned income ideas for diversification of revenue.

  • Packard Foundation - Funded an international cohort of Marine Fisheries organizations working to improve fishing practices and create services and products for their sustainability.

  • Episcopal Enterprises (Los Angeles Diocese) - Two cohorts of churches seeking to develop products or services to serve the needs in their neighborhoods and create earned income for sustainability.

Geographic Based Incubator Cohort

  • South LA -  economic development and social service agencies serving South LA community with the goal of creating earned income ventures using their existing services and products.

  • Santa Cruz/Monterey - agencies identified by their local community foundation who were focused on sustainability through earned income services and products.

  • Orange County - Partnered with One OC for three academies and Coastline College for a fourth, serving a variety of nonprofit organizations seeking to increase their impact and income. 


Scale-Up Support

  • REDF Workforce Development social enterprises looking to scale existing job training and placement programs to employ more individuals and create additional earned income for the organization.

  • Produced the SoCent Challenge, hosted by Saddleback College, to identify and support a nationwide cohort of social enterprises in expanding their businesses. 

  • Worked with the Center for Nonprofit Management in Los Angeles to accelerate the growth of a regional cohort of social enterprises. 

  • Produced three Academies in partnership with Nonprofit Strategies & Nonprofit Management Solutions to serve nonprofit organizations in the San Diego area.


Single Organization Academies

  • Assisted National CORE leadership team in planning earned income ventures in each of their departments.

  • Assisted Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) in evaluating earned income ventures opportunities throughout the organization. 

Who We Have Served - Workshops Client Sample

ASE also offers introductory workshops as well as customized training programs.


  • Ability One​

  • Annenberg Foundation

  • Better Business Bureaus

  • California Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA)

  • Executive Coaches of OC

  • Families in the Schools

  • Las Vegas Com Foundation


  • SOKA University

  • Sun Foundation

  • Vistage

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