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First Faith-based Social Enterprise Academy Wrapping Up

Episcopal Enterprise, a ministry of the Diocese of Los Angeles, is wrapping up its first "Social Enterprise Academy," especially for churches that want to use their churches' property, facilities and other assets to increase and fund their ministries. Bishop John Harvey Taylor has come to see social enterprise as a valuable tool for creating sustainability in Episcopal churches, especially those in low & moderate income communities.

The goal of the Academy is to help churches imagine and identify social enterprise possibilities and earned income strategies in their own context and prepare and equip churches with the knowledge and tools to implement their idea(s) and ensure its success. Lead by ASE staff and Rev. Canon Jaime Edwards-Acton, a graduate of our UCLA Social Enterprise Academy, the Academy supports exploration, market research and feasibility studies for new ventures and provides the training and technical assistance needed for practical idea investigation and operational planning.

On November 1st, each team will present their social enterprise idea to a panel of social enterprise experts. The top three teams will then present their ideas at the annual Diocesan Convention, November 16th, where delegates will vote for their favorite, competing for more than $6,000 in prize money.


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