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Van Berkom
Academies for Social Entrepreneurship
Program Instructor, Coach
Area Of Interest
Social Enterprise, Community driven Non for Profits, Real Estate, Film Production, Farming, Resturant
Paul Van Berkom’s career demonstrates vast experience as a community leader and business manager in several different industries. In his youth, he became an Eagle Scout. He is a principal in a multimillion-dollar farm in North Dakota, with holdings of over 5 thousand acres. Meanwhile, in Southern California he developed expertise in marketing, buying, selling, creative finance, foreclosures, probates, property management as an independent real estate broker, with interest in properties in five states. He has also studied acting out of LA and has experience with film production. Most recently, he co-founded and co-manages the Santa Maria BBQ restaurant. Since 2013, he has served as a consultant for Academies for Social Entrepreneurship, equipping UCLA students and non for profits with the resources they need to create and sustain high-performing social enterprises. He holds an International Business degree from California State University Northridge and speaks a little German.

Paul Van Berkom

ASE Staff Member
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