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Join us for the OneOC Social Enterprise Workshops, taught by ASE's Founder Betsy Densmore

ASE's Founder and President Betsy Densmore will be teaching two OneOC workshop sessions on July 23rd & August 6th. Details are as follows:

Session 1: Pathway to Sustainability- July 23 Getting Ready for Social Enterprise

This presentation will explain what social enterprise is, why it is gaining such momentum, and what it takes to succeed as a social entrepreneur.

The focus will be on describing the many types of nonprofit social enterprise, and the constraints and challenges that are keys to deciding what kind of social enterprise will succeed in your organization. A "readiness" assessment and steps in the development process will also be provided.

Session 2: Pathway to Profitable Partnerships- August 6 Finding Strategic Partners in the Business World

This workshop will explore what is sometimes called "passive social enterprise"--strategic partnerships with businesses that enable tax-exempt organizations to earn fees from the sale of those business's products.

Internet marketing and creative couponing is causing an explosion of such opportunities. The focus will be on what can be created with local businesses, rather than large scale corporate programs.

Participants will learn how to assess the costs and benefits and develop their own action plan for creating such relationships. 

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