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Join Us For The Dare to Earn Workshop Series Beginning September 20th in Orange County


📷📷Announcing the 2013-14 Orange County Social Enterprise Academy What’s the best way to determine a viable social enterprise? What are the steps to scaling up? Where could start-up funding come from? Find the answers here! Eligibility Open to all not-for-profit organizations that are planning or currently engaged in social enterprise (earned-income) ventures.

Why • Put Social Enterprise to work for expanded income and impact • Benefit from advice and expertise of seasoned entrepreneurs • Learn how and where to find seed capital • Promote your enterprise to new audiencesWorkshop graduates will be eligible to participate in the March 2014  OC Social Enterprise Venture Competition.Series Price: $125 per person or register for individual workshops ($35 each)

All Sessions are from 8:30 am to Noon  at the Delhi Center 505 E. Central Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92707

Session 1 – September 20th (no charge) Getting Started, What Venture is Right for You?  Series Overview and Venture Competition Logistics

Session 2 - October 4                 Market Research- Are There REALLY customers?

Session 3 - November 8   Your Business Model- How Will It Work & What Will It Cost?  

Session 4 - November 22   The Sales Process-How Will You Find and Keep Customers?  

Session 5 - December 6              Putting It All Together- Your Business Plan

Session 6 - January 10 Lessons from Your Peers- A Panel Discussion on “Failing Forward” Call 949-500-2381 for more information or to request scholarship assistance.

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