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An Evening of Conversation and Opportunities for Action around Community Investing

Thursday, November 7th, 6:30-8:30 PM

With Love Market & Cafe

1969 South Vermont Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90007


Jenny Kassan -Attorney and Angels of MainStreet Co-founder,

Michelle Thimesch-Founder & CEO of Crowdfund Mainstreet and Co-founder of Angels of MainStreet

Brett Heeger-Los Angeles Securities and Social Impact attorney for Gartenberg, Gelfand, Hayton LLP

Andrew McDowell-With Love Market & Café Founder and CEO,

Local businesses are the touchstone of our communities. And in the last decade, social entrepreneurship and community investing have moved from fringe experiments to mainstream ideas. There’s more opportunity than ever for community members to support, participate, and potentially share the benefit of the success of “Main Street” businesses.

Join us for an evening of ideas, conversations, and opportunities for action for those wishing to support these exciting mission-driven business models, including discussion of:

What are our goals, financial or otherwise, in supporting community businesses? What does Direct Investing mean for me and my portfolio? Is there a way to make our donor and impact investing dollars stretch further? How do we consider risk and return? How do we find deal flow and prospects to support?

Join us to answer these and other questions while we share and introduce ways to act on what you’ve learned!

Hosted by Good Capital Projects; Gartenberg, Gelfand, Hayton, LLP & Academies for Social Entrepreneurship.

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