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The South LA Community Foundation

The South LA Community Foundation

We're on a mission to fight racial, social, economic, and food inequity through coffee, community, and connection. We are committed to creating equal access to fresh and healthy options for our South LA community that can be found in other neighborhoods, but with pricing that is affordable. We are committed to becoming a central hub in the community where everyone will know your name, and where you will feel a sense of belonging.

Our pillars address many of the social issues facing the underserved and under-resourced Black & Brown community through the following programs:

THE GROCERY GIVEAWAY: Fresh & Healthy Food Distribution

THE CAFE ACADEMY: Workforce Training Program

THE INNOVATION INCUBATOR: Entrepreneur Training Program

THE IMPACT ACCELERATOR: Business Development Program


Located in the heart of South Central, the Cafe was built as an intersection of activism, social good, and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to create a community driven and focused organization that provides a safe space and access to high quality food for our local Black and Brown folks.


South Central LA is a food desert, with only 91 grocery stores serving nearly 500,000 residents. Generations of systemic racism and harm have led to unequal access to healthy food, resulting in higher rates of diseases, poorer quality of life, and shorter life spans as much as 12 years for South Central residents! We aim to be an antidote and deliver equity and access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food.

Student Team

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