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The Foundation for Living Beauty

The Foundation for Living Beauty

The Foundation for Living Beauty was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing supportive services to women along their cancer journey. At that time, Living Beauty’s founder Amie Satchu was running an internationally distributed hair care company specializing in wigs and hair extensions. Wanting to do something to give back to the women with cancer who bought her products, she decided to launch a non-profit that would provide her beauty products and makeovers to women living with cancer. In the midst of incorporating the nonprofit organization, Amie’s own mother Joni Petersen was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. With her mother as the driving force, The Foundation for Living Beauty was born and Amie’s mission to provide emotional and physical support to women with cancer became her central focus and passion.

Although the Foundation’s original intent was to focus on “look good, feel good” events, it rapidly became much more, meeting the complex emotional and physical needs of women cancer patients, called “Living Beauties.” Through its holistic approach, The Foundation educates, uplifts and empowers women along their cancer journey. It has grown primarily through word-of-mouth recommendations, making the organic relationships shared by its Living Beauties one of its unique strengths. Through Joni’s personal journey, a social worker herself, the organization has learned the value and importance of creating a strong support system for the women it serves and understands how that support can impact their quality of life and health outcomes.

Currently providing services to more than 1,300 women, The Foundation for Living Beauty provides a myriad of events, support services and resources to any woman on the cancer journey, whether newly diagnosed, in mid treatment or beyond.

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