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Student Voice Project

Student Voice Project

Studying and practicing journalism equips learners to better access and leverage their general education. As sharper readers, writers, and critical thinkers, they can understand texts, express themselves through writing, and analyze the world around them.   

In 2008, the Newspaper Association of America Foundation commissioned a national study of 31,000 American high school students. This research found that student journalists achieve better grades in high school, higher scores on standardized tests, and better grades in college English than peers without journalism experience. For students of color, journalism participation is even more beneficial. Student journalists of color out-performed non-journalist peers of color in the following areas: HS overall GPA; HS English grade; HS social studies grade; HS science grade; HS math grade; HS foreign language grade; HS art grade; ACT Composite score; ACT English score; ACT Reading score; ACT Science score; College freshman English grade.   

Sharp skills, good grades, and school diplomas help individuals to successfully negotiate the job market. Equipped with these assets, students and practitioners of journalism are likely to land high-paying jobs and to climb professional ladders.  

Over the years, the SVP has served 200+ at-risk youth and 20+ educators and journalism advisers across 15 schools in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Washington, D.C.   

The SVP holds itself accountable to four primary goals:  

Goal 1. Provide Training, Curricula and Equipment for K-12 Educators and Journalism Advisers 

Goal 2. Coordinate Journalism Field Trips and Site Visits by Journalists 

Goal 3. Design and Instruct Hands-on, Skills Driven Workshops  

Goal 4. Facilitate Service-learning and Civic Leadership by USC Students

Student Team

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