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Shaphat Outreach

Shaphat Outreach

Empowering individuals to break the cycle of gun and gang violence and choose positive change.


Shaphat Outreach (pronounced "shaw-fat") provides individuals with the support they need to make positive changes and move away from the violence and negativity of the gang culture. Our comprehensive outreach and support services offer opportunities for individuals to consider alternative paths and make a commitment to a brighter, more peaceful future.


No Shots Fired

Shaphat Outreach launched the No Shots Fired (NSF) program in collaboration with the City of San Diego. NSF focuses on gun violence prevention, core intervention, and hospital-based violence intervention and injury reduction in order to mitigate gang violence. Another portion of NSF is a 12-18 month interactive journaling cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) process to establish goals, objectives and a life trajectory plan. This process ultimately facilitates high-risk behavioral change and allows for the opportunity to detect and interrupt planned violent activity and change community norms.

Student Team

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