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RRR Computer

RRR Computer

At, we believe in equal opportunity, technology literacy, and environmental responsibility.

Today, technology literacy is becoming increasingly important for success in the evolving workforce, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area’s booming technology industry. However, many children lack the resources necessary to purchase a computer or the training required to use them. Not only that, the rapid pace of technology consumption and turnover means that over 2 million tons of hazardous e-waste are created each year in the United States. connects underprivileged children with computers, internet, and digital training. The organization diverts computing devices that would otherwise be recycled or thrown away, refurbishes them, and gives them back to the community, transforming e-waste into life-changing opportunities for youth in the Bay Area. accepts donations of laptop computers and funds from corporations and individual donors in the San Francisco Bay Area. We pick up the devices from donors and refurbish them with strict data security standards. We also provide community classes on digital skills like basic coding, online safety, hardware, and computer troubleshooting.

Since its inception, RRRcomputer has connected many children in the San Francisco Bay Area with life-changing access to computers and has provided over countless children exposure to computer programming.  We provided many computers to after-school programs for coding classes to better prepare their students for an increasingly digital future.

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