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Positive Results Corporation

Positive Results Corporation

The traumas youth experience cause lasting effects for them and our entire community. Together, we can make it better. Through proven programs spanning youth recovery, education, and leadership training, we are lifting up our children and building healthier communities.

The Positive Results Center’s team members are certified domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicide awareness prevention advocates, who address trauma from a cultural and age perspective. We conduct training for youth and parents, of all genders, including facilitated events, speaking engagements, and youth-peer advocacy programs.

Our team provides tools and strategies to form, enhance and maintain healthy, productive relationships.

Our work extends Nationally; as we have created a broader support system across the nation for wellness and relationship success through partnerships with K-12 schools and colleges, as well as health care, law enforcement, judicial, government, community, faith-based organizations.

Additionally, PRC helps the aforementioned organizations to recognize and deal effectively with the trauma of

BIPOC youth and adults, which ensures a culture of inclusion, social justice, and equity, and creates the changes needed and required to impact favorable results for the youth, their families, and communities.

PRC primarily serves the following audiences: African American/Black/Mixed Race/LatinoX/LGBTQ+. However, we customize effective workshops based on an entity’s or community’s unique needs. Our programming includes art-based prevention education and healing strategies on interpersonal and partner violence, sexual assault, suicide, consent, and boundaries, healthy manhood, as well as youth and adult leadership development, healthy relationships, and mental health wellness.

PRC’s objective is to help people create healthy relationships for themselves, their families, and the community at large, where everyone can live life abundantly!

Student Team

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