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Oceans Global

Oceans Global

Oceans Global is dedicated to helping individuals find peace of mind, maintain sobriety, and create healthy lifestyles through therapeutic water-based activities.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

​Oceans Global was founded in part to celebrate the life of Kirk McNulty (1984-2014), who passed away of a drug overdose. Kirk was a world class waterman, surfer, brother, and son who was inspired by everything ocean. We are devoted to helping substance abusers form a similar bond with the ocean as a way to find a sense of purpose and to replace harmful habits with healthy and engaging water-based activities.

A record 72,000 Americans overdosed in 2017 marking a nearly 10% increase from the previous year. Many of these overdoses occurred with individuals who had previously sought help to overcome their addictions. Roughly 9 out of 10 people coming out of residential recovery facilities are expected to relapse. These numbers make it clear that different approaches to post-rehabilitation treatments or care are necessary.

As individuals transition out of rehabilitation and sober-living facilities, they more than likely re-enter the communities, families, and friend groups where they had previously used drugs. It is extremely difficult to maintain sobriety and a healthy lifestyle in these familiar settings. That’s why it’s important for these individuals to have access to programs that encourage healthy decision making. We believe that experiential water-based activities can provide recovering substance abusers with an engaging and life-changing way to maintain sobriety while giving back to the ocean.

A healthy psyche is something participants can work towards with measurable results.

Individuals have the ability to actively transform the way that they think and live. With our help, recovering addicts can gradually discover new and healthy ways of approaching stressful situations within their lives. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful therapeutic experiences that provide participants with the tools to thrive and flourish regardless of what they are facing.

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