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New Environmental Leaders of America

New Environmental Leaders of America

Training Tomorrow's Leaders Today

NELA recognizes that generations have contributed to climate change and environmental degradation. Out of concern for the future survival of this planet, the New Environmental Leaders of America (NELA) was founded in March 2011 and received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status on August 3, 2011. As a 35-year veteran in the field of Environmental Management, La Weeda Ward saw that the pool of professionals with her level of talent, passion and expertise were dying out and there would soon be few to replace her and those like her. Who will be left to solve difficult global problems like climate change, air pollution, soil contamination and water pollution? What better way to finish out my career than to train young professionals to take her place. As Ms. Ward was inspired to enter the field of Chemical Engineering by a youth organization while still in high school, NELA also seeks to inspire and shift the world view of young people. Through its enrichment programs and corporate internships, NELA's goal is to train and encourage its students to pursue rigorous science and engineering degrees and become the new environmental leaders the world desperately needs.

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