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Menter Me Learning

Menter Me Learning

Mentor Me Learning offers leadership programs that empower young people to be social innovators and changemakers. 

We work with local Orange County youth ages 13-20 years old.

Every young person should be connected with a mentor that can guide them towards their purpose. We provide students with mentorship that supports service-learning projects and social entrepreneurship. A mentor that can facilitate learning so that young adults and children become their best selves, are encouraged to pursue their interests and contribute to making their communities a better place.

We believe that passion fuels intrinsic motivation. We create a space where students can explore and identify things they are truly passionate about. Passion creates an excitement for life and fosters self-directed learning. Having the freedom to pursue one’s interests ignites a person to take chances and embrace failure, using it as a tool to learn and grow. This will make for happier children and happier families.

Being exposed to different communities, age-groups and learning how to listen and communicate with those groups is essential for all leaders. Throughout our program young people will learn to communicate productively with others and the non-virtual world through field trips, community outreach and field research. The likelihood that a young person becomes a responsible citizen dramatically increases when they engage in their community at an early age, empowering them to have a substantial impact on their world.

Mentor Me Learning is a non-profit project, fiscally sponsored by OneOc.

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