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Las Fotos Project

Las Fotos Project

Las Fotos Project was founded in 2010 by Los Angeles-based photographer Eric V. Ibarra after seeing a need for teenage girls throughout Los Angeles to have a skill that could help build their confidence and self-esteem. In March of 2011, Las Fotos Project became a project of Community Partners, a 501(c)3 organization which accelerates ideas into action to advance the public good. Las Fotos Project has since worked with girls throughout Southern California and has developed partnership with national and international nonprofit organizations and schools to expand the movement of inspiring teenage girls through photography and self-expression. Our current focus is on the Central, South, and East Los Angeles regions of Los Angeles.

Offering year-round programming, we provide our students with access to professional cameras, quality instruction and mentors who encourage them to explore their identity, build leadership and advocacy skills, and strengthen their social and emotional well-being.

The programs include:

A self-exploration program that practices therapeutic photography to support students with finding their voice while building self-confidence and self-efficacy.

Utilizing photojournalism as a tool for youth leadership, students learn to raise awareness about social issues and health disparities in their community through storytelling and social media.

Creative Entrepreneurship Opportunities is the social enterprise and apprenticeship program which provides teen girls with valuable entrepreneurial skills for future careers in the creative industry.

Student Team

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