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LA Makerspace

LA Makerspace

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit here to help kids learn STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) — Maker-style! LA Makerspace is based in Maker culture: Taking hands-on creativity a step beyond do-it-yourself, we believe that Makers are at their best working in community, where ideas and resources can be shared.​

Maker-style education is dedicated to the idea that we learn best by creative doing. In the process, we learn how to learn. It is an education style that is a project-based and confidence-building way to learn challenging concepts. These kinds of skills transfer well to 21st century jobs, because Maker projects unlock innovative abilities! All people have unique talent and different ways of thinking and visualizing solutions from others. LA Makerspace is a way to celebrate this together as a community.​​

We facilitate hands-on workshops for kids in subjects like robotics, coding, e-textiles and stop-motion animation ​in library branches all over L.A. County! The kids at the workshops range from about 7-14 years old, and they also serve as trainings for the librarians so that they can later lead workshops on their own.

We are currently working in primary partnership with the Los Angeles Public Library System and County of Los Angeles Library (160 branches total). Our curriculum for library staffers enables them to become Makerspace leaders too — we are “making more makers.”

Student Team

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