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Korean American Family Services

Korean American Family Services

Since its inception in 1983, KFAM has provided assistance to tens of thousands of Korean Americans—particularly women, children, immigrants, and low-income families. KFAM specializes in providing linguistically and culturally appropriate services through its multilingual and multicultural staff. We provide culturally responsive social services in the areas of Mental Health Domestic Violence, Foster Care, and other family support.

Inspired by the vision of Dr. Tae Young Lee, Korea’s first female attorney, an early advocate of the rights of women, and the founder of the Legal Aid Center for Family Relations in Korea. KFAM opened its doors to offer hope and help for immigrant families devastated by economic hardships, immigration stress, and family strife.

The original mission and vision live on through KFAM’s broad range of family intervention, mental health, and social services that provide an important safety net for families and community members. Our dedicated, skilled team of multilingual staff and volunteers serve over 10,000 adults and children each year with quality, culturally responsive services and passionate care that speak directly to the challenges among immigrant families undergoing trauma or adaptation stresses. Our services truly provide a vital safety net for resource-poor families without access to care.

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