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Innovative Housing Opportunities

Innovative Housing Opportunities

High-quality affordable housing is the foundation for healthy, catalytic, and economically-vibrant communities where everyone can reach for and dream of new possibilities.

At Innovative Housing Opportunities (IHO), we develop high quality and sustainable affordable housing communities that are indistinguishable from market rate properties, where residents can thrive, develop healthy habits, and achieve success and stability.

Our Southern California development portfolio provides housing to residents that includes seniors, families, foster youth, veterans, those living with mental illness, formerly homeless, developmentally disabled and other special needs and mixed populations.

From Irvine to Innovation

IHO was formed in 1976 to help business and government address the lack of low to moderate income housing in the City of Irvine. We fought for change then and now see even greater potential to increase our impact on the housing industry.

Collaboration is integral to IHO’s ability to solve complex housing issues with innovative solutions. IHO seeks out strategic partnerships that creatively and effectively maximize efficiencies, utilizing the strengths of a broad variety of stakeholders, while achieving the most attractive and well-managed environments for residents and for the surrounding community.

Move in. Move up. Move ahead. Give back.

High-quality, affordable housing can be a launch pad for residents to create or rebuild their lives. Our six differentiators include our approach to development, case management and educational programming, arts and culture, and commitment to pursuing a shared community vision. In all we do, the objective is to offer the greatest opportunity for our residents to grow, thrive, experience housing independence, and where possible, give back to their neighborhoods.

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