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Fleet Street Bikes

Fleet Street Bikes

Refurbishing used Bicycles.
Donating them to those in need.
Training at- risk youth in bicycle maintenance

In 2012, Pacific Lodge Youth Services partnered with the non-profit organization R.O.P.E to establish Fleet Street, a vocational training program in bicycle maintenance and repair at Pacific Lodge's facility, located in Woodland Hills, Ca.

The fully-equipped bicycle repair facility includes repair stands and a supply of new and recycled parts, tools and supplies. Utilizing donated used and a limited number of new bicycles, a volunteer team of instructors and supervisors promotes social and emotional growth in, as well as provides vocational skills training to, the Pacific Lodge residents.

With strong support from the Woodland Hills Rotary Club and the University of Southern California Department of Public Safety, Fleet Street develops the boys by:

• Providing vocational training in bicycle maintenance and repair • Instilling a strong work ethic and responsibility
• Enhancing classroom academic concepts with practical application
• Providing opportunities for the boys to interact with positive role models from R.O.P.E, Rotary and USC
• Allowing the boys to participate in community cycling events
• Fostering respect and concern for the environment

Most importantly, the program involves the boys in community service and fosters a sense of social responsibility through the donation of reconditioned bicycles to under-served youth in the community and through servicing bikes for those in need. In addition, boys participating in the program earn a bicycle of their own when they leave the program.

Student Team

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