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Earth Resource Foundation

Earth Resource Foundation

Earth Resource Foundation is empowering the public with the resources they need to make environmentally sustainable choices and changes. THE WORK WE DO AT EARTH RESOURCE FOUNDATION IS IMPORTANT TO YOU BECAUSE: Over 85% of ocean pollution (urban runoff) comes from you and me. In the last 50 years, we have destroyed more of our natural resources than in our entire existence. The United States constitutes 6% of the world's population yet produces 30% of all the waste and pollutants. We may be "the problem," but Earth Resource can show you how to be THE SOLUTION!!! Do you want the facts on how polluted the earth really is and more importantly what we can do to change it? Then Join Earth Resource Foundation! We will help you find the answers, institute small and obtainable changes and connect you with people who are doing the same.

Our programs are targeted at three primary audiences: youth, communities and businesses. Our goal is to help each of these groups determine their environmental issues and provide the resources to assist them in accomplishing their goals.

Student Team

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