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DreamCatchers Foundation

DreamCatchers Foundation

Native Americans have long known that the night air is filled with both good and bad dreams. In order to respect and honor Spider Woman, the people of the Ojibwe Nation weaved Dreamcatchers to hang above the beds of their sleeping children. The dreamcatcher filters out the bad dreams and allows only good thoughts to enter into our minds when we are asleep. A small hole in the center of the dreamcatcher is where the good dreams come through. With the first rays of sunlight, the bad dreams will perish.

Founder Caitlin Crommett is part Native American with her ancestry tracing back to the Penobscot tribe in Maine. She honors the elders of our communities with the gift of the dreamcatchers and by granting their Dreams just as the people of the Ojibwe Nation have honored Spider Woman by weaving the dreamcatchers. DreamCatchers creates a pathway for our youth to honor our elders.

At DreamCatchers, we have witnessed the immense happiness our Dreams bring to so many in their last days of life, and the peace and comfort these Dreams bring to their family and friends. We have watched students chose a career path dedicated to a lifetime of service because of their experience with DreamCatchers. We have felt the powerful intergenerational connection that transpires when older and younger generations collide in moments of true magic.

At DreamCatchers, we say:

Dream It. Plan It. Do It.

Student Team

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