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Disability Rights Legal Center

Disability Rights Legal Center

Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC) is the oldest program that provides disability rights advocacy by providing free legal assistance to people with disabilities experiencing discrimination in violation of their civil rights. The program brings high impact, high visibility cases in state and federal courts to protect and to expand the rights of this community. These cutting-edge cases raise public awareness and ensure people with disabilities are able to participate fully in society throughout their life span. DRLC’s Advocacy program also works to remove barriers to full participation by people with disabilities in schools, healthcare facilities, custodial settings and public spaces.

DRLC promotes beneficial change through its precedent setting individual and class action court cases that challenge discriminatory practices by government agencies, businesses and educational institutions.  Examples of cutting-edge cases include:  inaccessible newly constructed or altered buildings for the mobility impaired, refusal to provide sign language interpreters or alternative communication materials for the hearing impaired, inaccessible government programs for the mentally and physically impaired, inaccessible transportation services for the mobility impaired, policies that exclude people with disabilities, and discriminatory insurance and healthcare systems.

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