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Concerned Capital

Concerned Capital

Concerned Capital is pioneering a ‘transfer of ownership’ methodology designed to benefit both buyers and sellers-owners save taxes, workers save jobs and create wealth.

Concerned Capital (CC) is a social benefit corporation dedicated to social impact investments.

CC is a nationally recognized pioneer in recycling and repurposing community based small manufacturing companies by transferring ownership to long term employees. The company is focused on saving and/or creating living wage jobs in low to moderate income communities.

CC uses a wide array of economic development tools – ranging from working capital loans, hiring tax credits as well as employee training to help small businesses grow. Our goal is always to promote community stabilization and resilience by encouraging local entrepreneurship and the local ownership of place based small businesses.

CC has demonstrated its ability to facilitate the transfer of ownership repeatedly over its history. Over 200 jobs have been saved and created using this methodology.

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