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Community Educating Other, Inc.

Community Educating Other, Inc.

CEO envisions a community outreach curriculum that is respected by residents, unified in its commitment to provide outreach, educational and social development that will be trusted by all people in our local and neighboring communities.

CEO, Inc is geographically located in the Commonwealth of Virginia servicing, but not limited to the counties of Charlotte, Halifax, Mecklenburg, and Pittsylvania.

Organizational Goals & Objectives


  • Engage families of all races, culture, and religion

  • Protect and advocate for families, especially young adults, and children

  • Communicate effective, high-quality resident-focused services for all

  • Foster and cultivate basic human dignity for all

  • Demonstrate competence when working with locals

  • Attract and maintain high-quality workforce and volunteers

  • Collaborate with community partners when possible


  • To raise the economic, educational, and social levels of community residents from the surrounding communities, including but not limited to minorities, low-income, underemployed, unemployed, or whose income is below federal poverty guidelines

  • To provide ongoing, adequate education to residents of all ages, men, women, seniors, and especially our youth. Education is the backbone of this rural community. By providing access to computer technology

  • Adult educational programs. Job readiness and credit report

  • To enable and encourage self-sufficiency and healthy lifestyles by creating programs that promote and improve the quality of life for all residents such as: 1) access to a fully equipped gym and space for indoor and outdoor group exercises; 2) access to healthcare, nutrition, and wellness classes; 3) access to outdoor playgrounds and walking trails to encourage

  • Vocational for teen, young people & children -

  • To host networking and social events in the TMJ Community Center throughout the year such that residents connect while building community. Fall Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, Thanksgiving and Christmas Celebrations, are several of the planned yearly events for families.

Student Team

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