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Coffee With a Cause

Coffee With a Cause

Our cafe would not exist without the faithful work of our small coffee cart, which we lovingly named Rosebud. For years, Rosebud traveled around LA, empowering homeless and transitional-aged youth as they practiced their newfound craft - serving an amazing cup of coffee. Rosebud's work has led us to establish a permanent cafe in Pasadena, Rosebud Coffee, which we named after our little cart. We invite you stop by, sip our coffee, chat with our baristas, and find out what it means to be a part of #coffeewithacause.

We train Transitional Age Youth (TAY) in soft employment skills prior to placing them in internships at Rosebud Coffee and other local businesses. Our soft skill training covers professionalism, hospitality, communication and other key skills in the workplace. Our aim is to equip youth in securing permanent employment and empower them in career goals. Youth interns placed at Rosebud are trained in the craft of coffee. The training is done in accordance with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCA), and includes palate development, various brewing methods, and drink preparation.

Expansion of our internship program has been made possible by partnerships with local businesses who share our desire to empower TAY youth. Our youth are referred to us from local non-profits partners. We understand the need to develop a support system that incubates time for personal growth and skill development. This active support system creates a safe space for the youth to make mistakes, fail and grow in the experience.

Student Team

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