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Beyond The Label LA

Beyond The Label LA

Beyond the Label (BtL) started as a series of educational events, BtL T-shirt Exchanges, in partnership with TEDxLA to educate Angelenos about the true health, social and environmental cost of their fashion purchases.

​- Beyond the Label is an LA-based educational platform that connects people with solutions for a clean fashion industry through books, clothing & interactive activities.
- Beyond the Label educates consumers on what to look for in a brand...transparency is key.
- Beyond the Label fosters and educates designers and brands to for look innovative fabrics, alternative ways to manufacture and how to implement ethical, local and clean practices.
- Beyond the Label addresses the negative effects of the global fashion industry and brings hope and recognition to amazing new technologies and regulations that are currently shifting the state of fashion as we know it.


Short Term

​- Shift fashion consumption habits
- Shift fabric and fashion production norms
- Reduce clothing waste which impacts the environment
- Create advocates that spread the "What's in my tee?" mission

Long Term
- Water savings
- Restriction of hazardous chemicals
- Cleaner water systems
- Reduction of un-biodegradable microfibers
- Regulated dumping globally
- Balanced healthy ecosystems
- Textile diversion out of the waste system
- Reduction of cancer causing agents from toxic dyes and mordant
- Fairly-paid humans making our clothes, working in safe environments, that live a respectful life, and are gifted a respectful, safe and healthy living standard.

Student Team

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