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Ashland Community Development Corporation

Ashland Community Development Corporation

A concerned group of East Baltimore residents did not like what they saw happening to their city; too many young lives wasted, too many opportunities missed, too much talent going unused.  So in 1997 they decided to do something to alleviate these problems. They established the Ashland Community Development Corporation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the expressed purpose of providing community services in these five tracks:

Track #1 - Housing Development Programs

To acquire land or property, create a pool of properties for home ownership, businesses, affordable housing, reduce vacant properties, provide housing for the homeless, seniors and assisted living.

Track #2 - Economic Development Programs

To encourage economic development, entrepreneurship, community employment, and provide space for start-up businesses.

Track #3 - Neighborhood Revitalization

To revitalize the community’s appearance, instill a sense of pride and maintain vacant land.

Track #4 - Direct Services Revitalization

To provide programs that support the re-education and training of our community members. ACDC Baltimore utilizes a 4-H Partnership to educate of our youth, provide job readiness and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) training, etc.

Track #5 - Community Health & Wellness

To provide health education to the underserved populations in the ACDC Baltimore community.

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