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Scholars' Hope Foundation

 Scholars' Hope Foundation

Online Academic and Social Emotional Learning for Your Student is Within Reach

Get one on one online & group coaching for your student with our highly trained staff.

Scholars' Hope Foundation was founded in 1997 in Huntington Beach, California. It is currently run by our CEO, Colleen Mensel. We have evolved through the years to meet the ever-changing demands that students face in their education and in life. As of 2020, we have moved to an all online platform in hoping to expand our reach and include students in need of our one of a kind program all over the United States. This move has allowed us to implement much more one on one guidance for your student. Our team is highly trained to address your students' unique needs. We provide online personalized attention and support that will motivate your child to actualize their full potential.

21st Century Whole Child Approach


We are at a pivotal point in human history in which student stress levels are at an all time high. At Scholars’ Hope, we firmly believe the social-emotional wellness of every student impacts their ability to succeed academically.


Scholars’ Hope Foundation is a supplemental enrichment program. Our proven, whole child approach provides each student with the vital skills necessary to navigate life’s stressors by becoming the best version of themselves.


We utilize 1 to 1 and group coaching, academic support, and the development of emotional intelligence to support resilient, confident and successful students.

What We provide:

  • Personalized, one on one and group coaching with a credentialed teacher

  • Regular access to a credentialed guidance counselor

  • Individualized college readiness advising

  • Career development support

Student Team

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