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Archie Holton
Archie Holton
Mar 08, 2022

looks like the train ride costs about 150-210 so if your gonna make that part work check and make sure you can afford it


For your stay in Switzerland:

- don’t forget that you need an health insurance policy (about 20-30.- EUR) workign on getting information for this

- you will have to make a PCR test before flying

students that they should buy Swiss francs. I would suggest 30.- CHF per day, that means 210.- CHF at least. My advice would be 300.- cash. I know that this is much money. But if they want to drink a coke or a beer, for instance, it will cost about 4 or 5.- francs. Eating a pizza is at least 20.- CHF, plus a drink à 5.- CHF, so it's already 25.- CHF that are away. Hamburger at McDonald's is 3.50 CHF.

Archie Holton
March 2, 2022 · added a group cover image.
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