My signature below indicates our organization’s commitment to and understanding of the following program requirements:


  1. Phase I: Workshop Series, Business Feasibility Planning 

A team of three to five people from my organization will participate in the workshop series, feasibility plan development work, investing 6-8 hours each per month;


  1. Phase II: Social Enterprise Showcase 

Drawing on coaching from ASE business mentors, the team will create a presentation which describes the venture in terms that make it attractive to potential investors;


  1. Providing financial and program information to enable sponsors to track the short and long term impact of participating in the Academy for at least three years. 

Please provide the following organizational and financial information for the past 3 years:

What percentage of annual income from the most recently completed fiscal year came from:

Please provide brief responses to the following questions.  

4. Does your organization have a social enterprise business or activity?


Please list the three to five members of your leadership and/or staff who will actively participate in all sessions of the Social Enterprise Academy Workshop Series and Showcase. Please include name, title/role, and how long they have been with your organization.


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