Janet S. Cohen

 Lead Social Enterprise Trainer, Consultant & Coach, has been working with not-for-profit organizations for more than 20 years. Her focus is customized training and consulting services for not-for-profit organizations seeking assistance in diversifying revenue, increasing earned income, marketing planning, and strategic planning processes. Ms. Cohen also serves in Interim Executive Director positions in organizations with an earned income focus during periods of leadership transition. Ms. Cohen was the Director of New Business Ventures at HOPE Services for 3 years, an affiliate consultant with CompassPoint Nonprofit Services in the Bay Area for 6 years, Director of Business Development Services and Sr. Consultant with the National Center for Social Entrepreneurs for 5 years, and Chief Executive Officer of Project HIRED, a not-for-profit employment service serving individuals with disabilities, for 10 years.  A long time resident of the Bay Area, she has served on the Boards of numerous local and national not-for-profit organizations.

BetsySVPIOct2015 (3).jpg
Betsy Densmore

Founder/Managing Director,  has a long career of providing leadership and developing leadership in others. As ASE’s Director, she has worked with over three hundred and fifty not-for-profit organizations, catalyzing tens of millions of dollars in new revenue for innovative charitable ventures. For several years, she served as an Adjunct Professor in the Social Entrepreneurship and Change Masters Program at Pepperdine University and in the Business Department of Golden West College. She also consults on programming at several other universities.  Densmore is an entrepreneur herself, having founded three hospitality businesses, an insurance agency and two nonprofit organizations.  She is co-owner of two restaurants. Prior to launching ASE, she lead programs for a global training and development organization, served as the Executive Director of a community foundation, ran an energy services social enterprise, and was a Manager of Consumer and Community Affairs for a Fortune 500 retailer.  She is currently serving on the Boards of Innovative Housing Opportunities and  the Corporation of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.

Archie Holton

Program Leader, is an entrepreneur, actor and executive coach. After running a successful plumbing business for twenty years, he recently opened two restaurants. Building on his own entrepreneurial experiences, Holton is a business coach. With over twenty years of experience as a transformative educator, Holton has worked with thousands of people, giving them the tools they needed to create their dreams as realities. He has also created a number of record-breaking sales teams. Love (he is known as the "Love Coach") and empowerment are keys to his unique style of training.

Paul Van Berkom

Paul Van Berkom’s career demonstrates vast experience as a community leader and business manager in several different industries.  In his youth, he became an Eagle Scout. He is a principal in a multimillion-dollar farm in North Dakota, with holdings of over 5 thousand acres.  Meanwhile, in Southern California he developed expertise in marketing, buying, selling, creative finance, foreclosures, probates, property management as an independent real estate broker, with interest in properties in five states.  He has also studied acting out of LA and has experience with film production. Most recently, he co-founded and co-manages the Santa Maria BBQ restaurant.


Since 2013, he has served as a consultant for Academies for Social Entrepreneurship, equipping UCLA students and non for profits with the resources they need to create and sustain high-performing social enterprises. He holds an International business degree from California State University Northridge and speaks a little German.  

Nicole Scott

Program Developer, is a problem solver and an educator. She is passionate about working with others to find impactful solutions for their businesses and lives. With a varied background in University- Campus Recreation, Health & Wellness, nonprofits and for profit club operations, she understands the value of authentic engagement that informs while also teaches. With a Master’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship & Change, her experiences in inspired leadership, sustainability, change management, community engagement and innovation can inspire and support your businesses journey. Nicole’s desire is to help people find impactful solutions to the "things that keep you awake at night", consider out-of-the-box solutions and to be their very best. At the start of this process is the strong belief that impact is driven through the power of improvement by starting within- yourself and your organizations walls. 


Scott Bechtler-Levin, brings more than 25 years of experience in executive leadership, marketing management, and strategic planning. A serial entrepreneur, he was the first Executive Director at Community Information
Exchange, and co-founded IdeaEncore, a social enterprise designed to facilitate knowledge-sharing among not-for-profit organizations. Scott has been an active community volunteer, including serving as a foundingTrustee for Pacific Ridge School, and co-chairing the Social Enterprise Leadership Forum in San Diego.

Cindy Goss is
founder and CEO of Propel Business Solutions, Inc., which helps organizations develop new business and increased revenue and through direct sales development, cutting-edge sales training and integrated marketing programs. Cindy brings more than 20 years of multi-industry experience. In the for-profit sector, Cindy led diverse teams and opened new revenue streams for publicly-traded, technology corporations and received multiple awards of excellence. In the not-for-profit arena, she held executive-level positions with Orange County agencies, serving the homeless and women in crisis. 

Bob Greenberg, CFP™, is a former Principal at R.S. Scrum, Inc, an
SEC registered investment advisory firm.  An avid supporter of social enterprise, Bob has mentored several organizations through the launch process and served as chair of a Social Enterprise Leadership Forum for several years. He has served as Chairman of the Board of the American Heart Association in Orange County and was a board member for many years. In addition, he founded the Nonprofit President’s Forum, focused on improving not-for-profit organizations throughout Orange County. 

R. Christine Hershey is the founder and catalyst for Cause Communications, guiding its overall strategic and creative vision. Passionate about "Communications for Good," she consults regularly with CEOs and senior executives throughout the country, advising on positioning, identity
and strategy. Her experience in both the corporate and philanthropic sectors includes such Fortune 500 companies as Disney, Wells Fargo, and AT&T (Cingular) as well as the World Health Organization, the Institute of Medicine and The Nature Conservancy.

Don Kasle, a retired bank CEO, is Managing Partner of Alldas Partners.  Mr. Kasle is an active investor in and a coach for start-up companies through his membership in the Tech Coast Angels where he recently Chaired the entire southern California organization.  In addition, he serves as a Senior Consultant for TriTech SBDC in Orange and Riverside Counties.